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15:31 - 25/05/2014


Weekly Style Notes

I know, I know, I know my blog is overwhelmingly transforming to a sea of shoes but I guess that’s what it always been? Anyway it doesn’t hurt that when I found out about the co-lab Rebook x Caliroots earlier this week I was so postiviely surprised (yes one more of those). It’s a celebration of the club kids and it’s designed in black leather and suede details, which I happen to love. It’s called AODXCR (origin from the club AOD). It goes live the 28th of May and first 400 pairs gets a USB with clubmix from AOD dj’s. Word!

13:29 - 24/05/2014


Summer timeWith PORTER magazine, Nixon watch, my favorite sunscreen from Lancaster, bikini from H&M, sunnies from Spektre and my everyday bangle by Meridian. Hope you have an amazing Saturday!

22:04 - 21/05/2014


Paris May 2014

Passed by the Chanel boutique today and check out this window display. Rad, huh? The domino idea is pas mal if you ask me however it makes me wonder how dangerous an actual Chanel domino effect would be… especially if I’m holding the wallet.

23:29 - 20/05/2014


Paris May 2014

This weekend Emil and Josefine came to Paris to have some fun! We ran around like tourists all over the city and I think we saw more of Paris than ever before. Then we ended up in the photobooth – voilà! Paris is full of them, just like Berlin. Such a bizarre thing yet pretty amazing!

08:21 - 20/05/2014


Paris May 2014

Say hello to my new bad boys! Today I’m wearing snake wedges by Christian Louboutin and I’m living in them at the moment. They fit me perfectly and I they make a nice touch to my everyday outfit. Find out later where I got them when I post photos from the weekend. Let me put it this way, I made a good deal!

13:52 - 19/05/2014


Paris May 2014

So of course I couldn’t keep myself from getting something from & Other Stories. Simply too much goodies there at the moment! To my happy surprise they just got in these sandwashed silk blouses that I sense are as close as possible to perfection. Hidden buttons, petit collar (goes perfect to a slim tie or a jolie bow-tie) and your everyday denim or skirt. Every third year I like to update my black and white blouses and prefarable I go slightly over-sized, so therefore I go up 1 or 2 sizes. Like the sporty unexpected twist to this devine fabric thus I match it with a Calvin Klein bra under it during the day and for the evening I suggest you go with a lace bra. Love the transparent feel without getting too obvious, if you see what I mean.

07:30 - 19/05/2014


Vika for Stories

One of my favorite collaborations at the moment is this one between the Moscow-based designer Vika Gazinskaya and Stories. It’s a RTW, shoe and accessories collections consisting of polka-dots, signature blue and crayon prints. Minimalistic chic and not too many pieces, which I like – right on spot so to say. My personal favorite is of course this drop-dead gorgeous red dress that no wonder was sold-out in a second. Tough, I crossing fingers for a refill this week. What’s your favorite co-labs at the moment or are we starting to grow tired of them?

23:36 - 18/05/2014


Paris May 2014

A sweet good night from Paris and the Eiffel Tower!


18:39 - 17/05/2014


roof deck party We all have those fanastic moments and memories in life that you simply can’t seem to forget but sometimes you really need to be reminded of them again. When that happens to you, it all strucks you how freaking fabulous life can be and is. Speaking of New York yesterday it all brings me back (without knowing it) to my second year around back in 2010. I strongly remember it being the the first real summer day where there’s no jackets, no sweaters, no clouds, no fuss, no tomorrow and my friend Meggie texts me: “Down for a roof party foxy?” What do think I replied? “Hell yeah! Bring it on!”. So there we are, me and Sara, grabbing the first best L train back from the Brooklyn flea market, hitting the liquor store and then a taxi – BOOM caught in Tribeca with a view and apartment not even worth trying to describe. A simply magic evening at the Marc’s. Clicky click on MORE for a the whole story. Enjoy your Saturday! We finally got sun here in Paris!


10:19 - 16/05/2014



If you’re reading my Instagram you might have noticed that I miss New York tremendously for the moment. On top of that my French iPhone accidently got iCloud-connected (can I say that?) with my stolen American cell and voilà just like that I’m thrown back three, four years of photos. So happy to still have them (thank you iCloud again) yet it’s so crazy when you haven’t seen them ages. Here’s a summer day back 2010 somewhere on Central Park West in a jersey top by Acne Studios, blazer from H&M Trend, city shorts from Zara, Neely bag by Mulberry, BB pumps by Manolo Blahnik and sunnies by Proenza Schouler.

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