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12:13 - 14/03/2014


Throwback Thursday Torö

Swedish crayfish party @Torö 2011 during summertimes. Bisous girls!

16:20 - 13/03/2014


Elie Saab AW14

Bonjour! One of my favorite show during PFW (after only been twice) is Elie Saab in the tents of Jardin des Tuileries. Going there is simply a wanderlust for the eyes. Speaking of the show the color alert was obvious: emerald, powder pink, burgundy and flower prints on black – something that entered the collection last season which I really like since it gives the collections a natural overlap from one season to another. Besides from the drop dead gorgeous gowns with their super high slits and sequin parade we could definitely hint a more cocky grown up woman in her power fur and dress pants. I wouldn’t mind the pink fur cape on the collage.

21:49 - 11/03/2014



A month of fashion weeks and parades of street styles I have to say the all in craziness got me. Maybe I’m a bit Swedish and minimalistic but I can help liking the more simple effortless outfits and preferably a more feminine touch to it. My two favorite looks from Paris Fashion Week are our Swedish beauty Alicia Vikander and Elisa Sednaoui from Chanel’s fashion show.  Preppy nonchalant meets pilgrim bohemian hipster. J’adore!


14:13 - 11/03/2014


Weekly Style Notes

Suddenly spring hits Paris and all you want to do is to undress. Off you go layers! How do I stay chic but still comfy in the wondering streets of Paris? Well I go for a city sandal – perfect to your jeans or skirt together with a fine knit sweater. I’m falling in love with Chloé’s super basic sandal and the more festive one from Sergio Rossi. This week I’ll give you both. Available

23:57 - 10/03/2014


Fabrice birthday partySaturday evening me and Caroline headed to Fabrice’s birthday party in the 9th arrondissement dressed as James Bond ladies. Since he’s born on International Women’s Day the theme was “strong women and gentlemen”. We had an amazing time and check out the photos if you like. Clicky click on MORE!


22:19 - 09/03/2014


Paris March 2014

Yesterday I celebratated IWD by being dress up as a James Bond girl for a friends birthday party. Wearing a necklace that I borrow from my friend, shearling jacket (a sample), blouse and handbag from H&M and skirt H&M Trend, stilettos by Manolo Blahnik. More outfit photos if you clicky click on MORE! Have a lovely Sunday evening.


12:30 - 08/03/2014


Diane von Furstenberg

Today we’re celebrating International Women’s Day! This makes me think of an independent woman that can do whatever she wants to and still be respected and appreciated for that AND get the same pay for it. Unfortunately this is not the reality for all women out there, which hurts me so much to think about. Kiss and hugh your girls today! Today is a wonderful day and anything can happen. xx

ph a young Diane von Furstenberg

09:32 - 07/03/2014


Sorry I haven’t updated the blog but I’ve been sick… and yesterday my friend arrived. I promise to show some smashing fashion photos later this weekend. But first some friday tune with Vanessa Paradis in her 80′s outfit!

00:10 - 05/03/2014


175671_imagediapo-1162Snapped with Karolina @SKYHIGH cocktail vernissage Marie Laffont x Alessandra Lanvin Aperlaï Paris last Wednesday. Wearing a white dress (a sample), Marc Jacobs handbag and jewerlies by Jennifer Zeuner a New York designer. More photos from the evening here!

00:54 - 04/03/2014


Paris Fashion Week AW14Today we had winter, fall and spring at the same time in Paris – something we in Sweden would call a typical “April weather”. On my way to Elie Saab show it was raining cats and dogs and right after the show of course stunning sun. I wore pumps by Chanel (that I hope survived the mud walk in Jardin des Tuileries), 20 den Wolford tights, handbag by Valentino, cape from H&M Trend, dress by DVF and necklace by Oscar de la Renta.

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