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THIS week I made my first macroon – WOHO – with lime and raspberry flavor! They turned out absolutely amazing (or at least flavor wise). I mean it will for sure take a while before I’m a pro but I think this was pretty good for being my first attempt. Check it out and let me know if you have any tips for the future macaroon fabrique!


Beat the egg whites (with absolutely NO egg yellows) with an electric beater until it’s frothy (lot’s of bubbles). Toss the grounded almond and icing sugar in a small blender. Mix it all and add wished caramel color – red for raspberry and green for lime.



Once satisfied with the color of the shells pipe the macaroons over fold and let it sit for a few minutes.



During this time heat oven to 150°C. Once ready, put your macaroons at the very bottom shelf. Bake for 6-10 minutes.

4. Make the ganache (just mix below ingredienses until your happy with the flavor – not too runny, not too hard).

5. Take out the macaroons from the oven and let them cool down before removing them. Pipe the raspberry and lime ganache on the macaroon shell respectively, close with another macaroon shell.



Tada! Ready to go! Jum jum!


16 macaroons

Macaroons Shells

2 eggs

1,5 dl ground almonds

0,5 dl sugar

0,5 dl icing sugar

2 limes

red and green caramel color

Lime ganache

lemon arom

150 g fresh cheese

green caramel color

Raspberry ganache

raspberry jam

whip cream

red caramel color


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ME and Olivia made macaroons yesterday! I’m so freaking impressed over us. It was so much fun and tasted so well – I had to bring them to the office for our Friday fika. We made both raspberry and limes macaroons. If you wanna see more of the sweet little dreams follow me @instagram nwillebrand – where I update more frequently! Have awesome night, X


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bukowskis vintage auction.

VINTAGE and jewelries. Yesterday Bukowskis had their high-end fashion vintage auction preview – that’s being held on Monday. Of course I had to check it out! Lovely lovely absolutely lovely – THIS is SO where I feel at home. Check out my favorites and classics and our lovely Hermès above…
bukowskis vintage auction.

me with a classic hunter green Chanel jacket

bukowskis vintage auction.

more quilted blood red Chanel

bukowskis vintage auction.

this is funny i actually have the little Dior saddle bag (that I bought in Brussels 2002), guess my originals getting vintage – what is it you say after 10 years…

bukowskis vintage auction.

scarf mania

bukowskis vintage auction.

a most one day is this Louis Vuitton coffert

bukowskis vintage auction.

how cute is this YSL bag?

bukowskis vintage auction.

like the combo


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TEEN years ago we were 15 classmates from my high school deciding on going to Brussels – within just five weeks we would to complete an entire school year of French. IMPRESSIVE intense (read French school systems)! So we’re in our second year and I can’t believe our parents are letting us go… But of course as always with school the nerdy side of me somehow made me pass the Delf certificates and as a plus I learned how to like beer. Duvel soon became my favorite – if not in old town at a spinning floor (yes it’s a Belgium thing almost like a carousel with a Chicago feel to it – dont ask why but it’s awesome) we spent most of our time downtown and in the club Louise Gallery (okay we’re talking teen years ago now so if you dare even to say anything I kill you). What else? I shared room with Carro and Lollo in a three floor apartment with the sweetest host family ever, not far from Schuman station – where the European Parliament headquarter is located. Beside that we visit Antwerpen – which is a MUST for any fashion deek (I wish I had studied or at least spent one or two years there). Then we saw Brough that’s way overrated (s o r r y). Because in the end it all comes down their amazing Belgium chocolate, waffles and perfect sized city… Not to forget Waterloo probably has the most beautiful mansions ever seen with its great history. J’adore tout! Check out my old school photos, bisou!

2002, when i lived in brussels for a shortie.

Filip (that i lived with in New York), me and Lollo, me to the far left in school, me & Lollo in Waterloo, our trip to Brough, Cissi, Maria, me and Lollo @louisegallery,  the boys, more trips, me, Lollo and Carro, the girls and all of us.


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A walk @Djurgården gives me the spring vibes, AHAHAAA. And how cute can a street sign get? “Kärleksstigen” means – love road. Freaking fantastic!

ph. instagram


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COUNTDOWN week for fashion weeks to round off, Marni at H&M, my friend’s baptism and more fun. Lot’s of spring feelings – FINALLY – and I feel like booking a house in Italy for the summer. You know sit there with some friends with lots of wine and Italian cuisine. How about you? Oh and btw I still havent found a hat and in DESPERATE need of it so any suggestions where I can get one pls mail me ASAP! THAAANKS! X

ph. Marique Schimmel by Hunter & Gatti for Vogue Spain March 2012.


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josef frank + svenskt tennjosef frank + svenskt tenn

ONE of my favorite interior store in Stockholm is by far Svenskt Tenn. Especially now when they rebuilt their shop on Strandvägen – way bigger. Today I got played by Josef Frank’s different pattern game on mahogany cabinet – the one you see above. A time when Frank got inspired by Great Britain, 1934-35 . Isn’t she seductively irresistible? Whether you got the cash or not don’t forget to pop by their new fab tea salong – the Swedish answer to Ladurée (that’s btw soon coming to Stockholm too), X


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SORRY for bad update but I’ve been busy with work and doing things all the time! I’ve basically crashed in bed and then up again. Also can I just tell you that I have the best work colleagues in the world?!? I just ADORE them! Yesterday we played games and had after work at Story Hotel and then Kåken. See how much fun you can have with some single post-its…clicky on pics for larger!


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OMG spring is in the AIR!! Today I was seriously walking without a jacket. Feeling oh-so-fab and like start using more blouses – I have a crush on it. And what can I say rosé time is on and soon Friday! Hope you’re having a lovely week – I’m planning some apartment stuff and fun weekends activites.. How about you? xo


blouse #vintage pants #weekday handbag #marcbymarcjacobs shoes #alexanderwang


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LOVE this time of the year! Sitting up too late watching the Oscars and ranking the red carpet gowns. This year Gwyneth Paltrow is simply smashing hot in Tom Ford and Michelle Williams super vintage looking “valentine” gown from Louis Vuitton. Over all I still think the outfits were better last year… Find my favorites from last year here clicky clicky.


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