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09:19 - 23/04/2014

Minnie Cushing Coleman in 1966

Back in town! Can’t wait to “Salute” my neigborhood! Today’s look is inspired by Minnie Cushing Coleman in 1966 taken by Gianni Penati. I especially love the eyeliner and eyebrows. I don’t know if you could tell from my photos in Stockholm but I did lighten up my hair and also got darker eyebrows. Actually influenced by Cara Delevingne’s look at the The Great Gasby premiere.

What else? I’ve been watching Gisele Bündchen’s second music video “Heart of Glass” for H&M swimwear with Bob Sinclair and asking myself what I think. Then of course I had to sneak by my old office and ask my friends about for the Alexander Wang x H&M  collaboration, but of course there was nothing to be leaked out.

22:34 - 15/04/2014

April 2014OMG I’m so tired I could pass out any second. Did I tell you I moved this weekend? Well I did and I’m so happy! It’s a beautiful small little apartment just five blocks down my street in the Etienne Marcel area and I’m completely in love. Though it’s a bit smaller it has so much more charm (photos will come when I more settled). Anyway so this took the entire weekend. Then unpacking been a never-ending-story. There’s just not enough of storage in the apartment so this afternoon I went to Ikea for like 5 hours (!). I think it must be some kind of a record?! Yet I didn’t manage to get all the stuff I needed since I didn’t have enough space in the car. Tomorrow will the last unpacking and buildning before I’m off to Stockholm for Easter (can’t freaking wait)!

Also I wanted to thank all you guys for helping me move this weekend! I’m still a bit touched by everyone that showed up especially since Paris is not my hometown and I don’t have everyone around me that normally would show up. It really ment the world to me!! BIG KISS

15:41 - 14/04/2014

Valentino event Paris 2014

Last week Valentino had an event at the Avenue Montaigne shop to show off their latest Spring 2014 collection. Me and my friend went to check it out. It was divided into two stories – one that was more commerical with red camouflage and a traditional studs tweak and the other one that was more haute couture defined showing us the amazing handcrafted  “Maria Callas’ Medea” story – seen on the catwalk last year. To see all photos click on more! As you might have guess the sneakers above are the one I’m looking to waist my euros on.


13:25 - 11/04/2014

Paris April 2014Paris April 2014

Yesterday me and Eduardo went for a Valentino event @Avenue Montaigne. It’s was spring in the air and my bare leg premiere! I was wearing a dress by Alberta Ferretti, handbag by Valentino, Busnel jacket, my regular Ray-Bans and pointy Prada pumps yet I love my bag I so wanted to steal Edu’s Céline for the night. How chic, right?

00:39 - 11/04/2014

Paris April 2014

Sun, spring and smile! Spring makes the city go nuts in a good way. Like everybody “salute” each other, there’s ice coffee popping up again and everybody are smiling. Loving it! My favorite spot at the moment is Le Perchoir. It’s one of the few rooftops in Paris which is very rare. Have a look at yesterday’s sunset. Can’t get better than that – simply magical. Gotta love it.


17:25 - 09/04/2014

ParisSun is shining and I’m off for an apéro! Gotta love Paris when it’s like this. Wearing a silk lace top by Donna Karen, silk skirt from H&M Trend, mesh pumps by Manolo Blahnik, gold ear cuff H&M and bangles by Hermès. xx


18:54 - 03/04/2014

Paris April 2014Gotta insta, oh yes this 1000% butter, cheeeese, simply the interior.

My friend Gigi is in town from London and I couldn’t be happier. We’ve been exploring the Pigalle area. Some rosé @Le Mansart and dinner @Buvette (yes the same as in West Village). If you go get the bayonne ham, white asparagus, chocolate dessert and some more tapas – you won’t regret it!


19:51 - 30/03/2014

Paris March 2014
Time for monthly instagram notes directly from Paris! It’s been a lovely month with spring knocking on the door and lot’s of friends visiting me. More photos here.

I got my first Geisha heels from Aperlaï. Just need to find the event for them now!

Me in my favorite Acne Studios denim that I never grow tired of.

Sophie had the year’s best Monday birthday party!

Macroons from the one and only Angelina.

Group selfie with Edu, Katta and Florian.

Best detox lunch @Fumoir.

Simply La Seine.

10:19 - 28/03/2014

Ciao bellos and bellas! I’m on way to Italy for something exciting that I can’t tell you about… Sorry hate when people go like that. So instead I thought I do a Flashback Friday today. As some of you know I always had a thing for Paris and always thought I end up here (and who doesn’t?). I found myself extremely happy back in 2010 when my friends got married in the city. Here we are on a champagne cocktail inbetween the cermony and dinner @Le Saut Du Loup. I was wearing a Nanette Lepore smoking lepoard dress (what I like parties when you’re actually able to dress up), Jimmy Choo for H&M bracelet, pochette handbag by Louis Vuitton and Manolo Blahnik sequin d’orsay open-toe pumps.

10:23 - 26/03/2014

Paris March 2014

Drinking my morning tea from a new shade Pantone 2058.

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