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A summer day @Torö

New year, new goals! This is my big year because I’m turning 30 and I feel like a new chapter in my life is around the corner. I’m truely looking forward to what 2014 has to give me and almost know something new and exciting will happen. Below is my list of New Year’s resultions I did on my way home yesterday.

1. Buy a new system camera. My old one broke and I realize I miss photographing.

2. Show my thankfulness even more than I do, especially for the small things.

3. Take up balett again. Have to find a place in Paris that’s for oldies like me!

4. Travel more healthy than I did 2013. Start with using my recovering days.

5. Get myself a beautiful wallet and handbag that fit my Mac Air 11”.

6. Less strict on myself and accept who I am.

7. Invest in my dearest.

8. Get fluent in French.

9. Keep smiling.

10. Big 30th trip!


ph Me & Douglas by Caroline Eskils @Torö

Michaela- 2014/01/03 at 21:33
2014 will be fierce!